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Empowering women to rise up and educate themselves, take charge of their lives, finances, and goals, and reclaim their power and ownership of their future - all with gratitude, humor, and a fiery determination!



Get exclusive access to Donna¬īs custom-created Organizer "The Vault"; a tool she has developed to help women take the first step toward a more organized, financially literate, and stress-free lifestyle.

Master Your Finances, Master Your Destiny

Running your own business is undoubtedly a challenging endeavor. Yet, it becomes even more demanding without the proper systems and structure in place. If you aspire to increase your earnings, attain peace of mind, and secure your financial future, this is your destination. Here, Donna offers you guidance to help you rise up, educate yourself, and take charge of your life, finances, and career. Welcome to a world of opportunities for financial mastery, business success, and personal growth.


Work With Me

Get started on your journey toward fierce business and financial empowerment.

Ignite Your Mind, Ibiza

Join me in my hometown of Ibiza, Spain for a week of focused work sessions, designed to help you take your business to the next level. Ignite your mind: Transform your life is a planning retreat like no other.



1:1 Coaching

Transformative coaching programs to help you control your financial future. No jargon, no complicated maths, just practical steps to take to realize your business & financial dreams. 



Ibiza Women's Retreat 2023

Escape to Ibiza, the magic white island in the Mediterranean Sea, and ignite your senses with some self-love, relaxation, adventure, inspiration, and reflection on a 7-day retreat.



Freedom Tribe Membership

Blossom into an educated, savvy entrepreneur and connect with other inspirational women. The Freedom Tribe Membership brings you both personal and professional growth.



Online Courses

Level up your beauty business with an online course designed to boost your cash flow, improve your client's experience and increase your sales by an average of 30%.





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As a dedicated business finance coach, my mission is to empower women entrepreneurs in the beauty and creative industries to seize control of their financial future.

Welcome, and I'm delighted to have you here! I'm fueled by an unwavering passion to empower women , encouraging them to embrace education, seize control of their lives, finances, and aspirations, and reclaim their innate power and shape their own futures. Together, we'll embark on a journey infused with gratitude, humor, and an unwavering determination.

With a proven track record, I've been running highly successful coaching programs since 2011. The secret to my achievements lies in the solid foundations, meticulously designed systems, and robust structure that have enabled my clients to flourish as thriving entrepreneurs. These elements have been the driving force behind their engagement and our overall success.

As a resident of vibrant Ibiza, Spain, I've made it my mission to traverse the globe, imparting knowledge and guidance to exceptional women like yourself. My aim is to equip you with the tools and mindset needed not just to survive but to truly thrive in the world of business and personal growth.


Podcast Features


Financial Health and Organization in Your Business

On Maria Fontana's podcast "Business Growth made Easy" talking about financial literacy, resources for more income coming into your salon, and how to question what is coming out of your salon.

Do You Know Your Numbers?

With Elaine Travis on Ask The Color Expert

Tuesdays with Joe

 With Joe Santy on OLAPLEX Users Facebook Group. (You must be a member of this group to listen.) Go ahead and join, it is an awesome group!

From Bucks to Ibiza to Fierce Financials & Organization

On Bucks County Bytes with Martha Voorhees

She Sold Her Salon and Moved to Ibiza

With Chris Sulimay and John Palmieri on Shop Talk by by 124Go

The Moola Method

With B Rad Celebrity Hairstylist, Donna talks through her Moola Method and how this empowers salon owners.

In the press


Independent Beauty Professional

In this article, I uncover what it is that women really need to take control of their destiny and how to go about getting it. 

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