Read all about our agenda below

Here is the play-by-play of all the amazing experiences you will have on the retreat!


On this day everyone will be arriving. The journey of luxury, adventure, and discovery begins!

  • Transportation from the airport to the host location.  
  • Welcome & relax! Take in the Ibizan air, and enjoy the beautiful setting.  
  • Cozy dinner with a private chef at home
  • We will get to know one another and set the mood for the retreat by talking about all the adventures and pampering luxury we are about to experience.


Beach day! 

  • Delicious healthy breakfast - local produce, fresh juice
  • Yoga by the Sea ("Cala Yoga") with Nicole Shäenzle of Female Fitness Ibiza
  • Enjoy one of the top beaches on the island by day, sunset, and night.  Let all your worries be washed away by the Mediterranean Sea and white sand beaches with gorgeous turquoise waters.
  • For lunch? A freshly packed, balanced lunch on the beach.
  • For the adventurist, nearby is Cala Escondida AKA The Nudist Beach of the island
  • Painting by the Sea Workshop with Donna Roggio
  • Spectacular "Sunset by the Sea" 
  • Dinner at a local restaurant  (This dinner at own cost)


Secret Hike and Dalt Vila Nightlife

  • Yummy breakfast at the house and yoga with Nicole
  • Goal-setting activity to help you achieve your dreams and keep a simple organized life
  • Hiking Adventure to a secret location that tourists never find! 
  • Healthy packed lunch to go
  • Our day of adventure will be followed by downtime at the house to rest and get cleaned up for our evening
  • Explore Dalt Vila (Ibiza town!) for the evening
  • Open dinner plan (at own cost)


Boat Day!

  • Yoga & Breakfast
  • Mediterranean Sea Boat Excursion Adventure with delicious lunch on the sea
  • Spanish Dinner - yummy food, bonding, storytelling, hanging out at the beautiful property where we will stay

Ready to come to the Retreat? 



Luxury Spa Day

  • Fresh breakfast
  • "Creating a Lifestyle that YOU Design" workshop 
  • Atzarro Luxury Spa Experience: Ladies, you are not even ready for this level of Luxury!  A complete Spa day in the most luxurious spa in Ibiza!
    • A deluxe Spa package that allows you to use all the spa facilities like the steam room, the hamam, the pool, the gorgeous daybeds. (included)
    • Atzaro integration’ 50-minute full body massage (included)
    • Yoga and wellness class (included)
    • 70 EURO food credit (included) Additional food and drinks are not included but are available

  • REST in the Villa or grab a taxi and explore for the evening. After our day of pampering relaxation, we won't have big plans for the evening.  


Hiking to Tanit Cave

  • Morning Stretch Yoga with Nicole
  • Yummy Breakfast
  • Walking Meditation - make a wish, or meditate on your heart's desire
  • Tanit Cave - Get in touch with your feminine energy. A unique and magical place in Ibiza. 
  • Feminine Power Manifestation Ritual - ceremony of the goddess Tanit. With the spirit of this ancient Phoenician goddess, that has been inspiring artists, free spirits, and ordinary people of Ibiza for over two millenia. We will co-create a ceremony celebrating our feminine power.
  • A late lunch by the sea will hold you over for the evening festivities
  • Rest and shower at the house to prepare for the evening.
  • Dinner out at the restaurant of your choice in Evissa a.k.a Ibiza Town or the Port of Ibiza (this one at own expense)
  • Meet up for the night out at Teatro for live music and dancing


  • Yoga & breakfast
  • Las Dalias Hippy Market - You all will love this market, lots of unique handmade items, maybe grab something to remember your trip. (Transport is included to and from the market)  
  • Saturday check out 
  • Transport to the airport


Donna Roggio

I'm thrilled to be one of your hosts for this amazing retreat. Five years ago, when I kept landing back on the island of Ibiza, I had to purchase a home. What I love about Ibiza - first and foremost is nature. The landscape is natural, diverse, and stunning. The island has hidden gems of private beach coves all over the island, the sea is calm and beautiful turquoise color, like in a dream. Ibiza is an island steeped in myths, magic, and legends. 

The most prevalent is the ancient tale of the Goddess Tanit, who, for centuries has been celebrated as the Goddess of Ibiza, a warrior woman who represents fertility, dance & creation of life. Also known as a guardian of womankind and all things feminine, her presence is felt by many women who travel here to seek solace, soothe troubled souls and find peace and guidance on this magical island, whom so many before them have done. Now, I want to share the magic with all of you.

I welcome you with an open heart and look forward to being a part of your journey and transformation here on the island.

Are You In?