Fierce Financials 1:1

A coaching program to help you control your financial future

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It is time to learn to be financially organized?

Do you do your best “figure it out” on your own?

How is this serving your goals and future?

Or, are you the type to avoid looking at your money altogether?

 Likely, money moves in and out of your accounts, and you don’t really need to pay attention. ...As long as your head is above water. 

But, do you realize, you could be getting MORE from your money?

You could be living your life by design.

I'm here to teach you. Guide you.

Lack of financial literacy ends now!

Fierce Financials 1:1

Learn to be financially organized.

Let's take you from where you are to financial literacy and mastery.

Ask yourself, would you rather learn $100/hour providing a service, or save $500 working on your finances?

About the Program:

This coaching program is a deep dive into your financials. Donna will guide you in understanding your money. She will also help you in setting up structure and organization to empower you towards financial strategies that give you real momentum into the future.

Included in the program is a physical binder (a.k.a. "The Vault"). So many clients have told Donna how much this binder has helped them. Because it creates an organized space for all of your financial life. It is the key to getting everything under control and having a consistent reference for all of your important paperwork in physical form.  That’s why it is called: The Vault!

Together we will build processes so you can manage the responsibility of your business and personal finances. 1:1 coaching sessions will set you up for financial success, freedom, and to create your lifestyle by design. You'll be amazed at how much can change for the better in 6 months.

Some Interesting Facts to Consider

(So passionate about this!)

  • Quickbooks costs $50/month, which is $600/year.  
  • The cost of a bookkeeper averages between $250-$800/month.

You can become your own financial pro over the course of 6 months by participating in Fierce Financials. You'd save, on average, $6,000 on bookkeeping for the first year. And you'd have the skills to leverage your investment forever into the future, saving you, for example $90,000 over the course of 15 years.

What you'll get when you do

Fierce Financials 1:1 

  1.  The ability to easily track your personal finances and understand your P&L
  2.  Strategies for retirement, emergency funds, credit, and debt reduction
  3.  Simple ways to organize and understand your income and expenses to contribute to your personal and business success
  4.  Simple ways to effectively set and attain future goals
  5.  A new way of storing all your information online so you can access your details both at home or in the business, or better yet at the beach!
  6.  A clear record of all your emergency information, private details, and accounts
  7.  A personalized debt-reduction plan customized to your specific situation
  8.  The ability to determine your budget at your fingertips at any point in time
  9.  You'll be able to determine your net worth, set financial goals, track your spending, create budgets, review salon success, and prepare yourself for your exit strategy, retirement, or other lifestyle-by-design goal
  10.  You will be able to do your business evaluation in under 3 hours a month, and a personal finance evaluation in about 30 minutes
  11.  Bonus content to create your inventory reduction plan and only keep on your shelves what is needed
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What people say about working with Donna Roggio:

Amanda D'Andrea

Owner at Amanda D'Andrea Hair
- Philadelphia, PA

Sarah LaPorta 

Owner at South of Main Hair Studio 
- Doylestown, PA


Amanda D'Andrea

Owner at Amanda D'Andrea Hair
- Philadelphia, PA


Sarah LaPorta 

Owner at South of Main Hair Studio 
- Doylestown, PA

Carey Kravcak Risley

Headstrong Salon - Yardley, PA

"Donna gives the staff a lot of very helpful tools, to be able to achieve their goals. She is full of energy and will motivate your staff. So glad we had the opportunity to work with her. She continues to check in to see how we are doing."

Jay Williams

Jay Williams Company - Bucks County, PA 

"Donna is smart, resourceful, intuitive, creative, people-oriented, business-minded, open-minded, funny, consistent, and has great anticipation for what comes next."

What Happens in the Fierce Financials 1:1 Program?

Here are the different sections of the course and what you'll do in each of them:

1- Personal Budget

First up is your personal budget.  Why do we start here?  Our personal budget helps to teach us financial basics, and it is very real and tangible to us.  My experience with my clients is that ironing out the kinks in the personal budget first builds us a solid foundation of understanding for getting into the business aspect of things.  Also, there are plenty of people who have not really separated their business from their personal finances.  In short, here's what we cover:

  • Getting in Touch with Your Situation
  • Your Vault
  • Wants, Needs, and Gray Areas
  • Tech & Tools - Getting Comfortable Online
  • Income & Expenses 
  • Credit Score Review

2- Your Personal Money Map 

The first part of gathering the budget can be a bit overwhelming - getting everything in order and logging into all the accounts.  But it does come to an end, and once it does, you have an established setup for managing your money.  And you start to see the benefit of having suffered through it in the first place. In the Personal Money Map section, we'll step back and look at the big picture. We will analyze what we have brought to the surface. We will ask questions like, how can I use a credit card to my advantage? Or, how can I make smart choices about maximizing my savings?

  • Saving Money in Your Budget
  • Streamlining Payments
  • Credit Card & Debt-Reduction Strategies
  • Investments
  • Your Routine for Maintaining your Budget
  • Cumulative Spreadsheet - Bringing it all Together

3- Business Budget

We will set up your Business Budget in a very similar way to the Personal Budget, and after completing the Personal Budget, the Business Budget almost seems easy. 

  • Understand profit and keep the maximum amount of money in your pocket
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Your Business Vault 
  • Income & Expenses - Entering info online - Double-Check Method
  • Reading and Creating a P&L Statement

4- Your Business Money Map

Now that we have your Business Budget information, we step back and map things out to make a great strategic plan for your business, and for YOU and your lifestyle by design.

  • The Scenario - What's in it for YOU? Now and Long-term
  • Profit and Payroll Systems
  • Coordinating with your Accountant
  • Emergency Funds - How much do I need for my business in case of an emergency?
  • Big picture - Exit Strategy
  • Your Will - Legacy Planning

Plus, BONUS Inventory Tool!
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