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Can you relate?


You're doing your best to ‚Äúfigure it out‚ÄĚ on your own.


You're worried about how this is serving your business and personal goals and future.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a GO-TO person to ask about business?
Someone who meets you where you are? And even supports and elevates you?
Someone who helps you make important and strategic decisions that serve you?


Partners in Possibility


Working with Donna is like having a business partner, without actually HAVING a business partner. Win, win!

The 1:1 Partners in Possibility program is completely custom and geared towards your specific needs, desires, and goals.

It includes two private, 90-minute calls a month on a variety of topics and we will make major headway on your choice of any of these topics. True, we can't tackle them all at once, but we will hit the ones that YOU prioritize.

You'll be amazed at how much can change for the better in 6 months!

I Need A Business Coach!

What topics can we cover in Partners In Possibility?


Here is the list of all we could dive into together: 

  • Strategic Planning Sessions 
  • Apprentice Program 
  • Compensation Program Review 
  • Recruiting - Be the Salon that a great candidate seeks out!
  • Continuing Education
  • Salon Roles and Communication - meetings, responsibilities, accountability
  • Inventory Systems
  • Financials
  • Marketing 
  • In house programs - referral or VIP
  • Technology
  • Email Communication
  • Salon Design
  • Creating a career path for your team members



Donna will customize this depending on your individual and business requirements. Together, you will identify the areas of focus and how to best to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.


  • 12 one-on-one sessions with¬†Donna Roggio - 90 minutes twice¬†a month for 6 months

  • Accountability
  • Regular check-ins
  • 6 month membership to the Freedom Tribe community, calls and¬† library


  • Inventory tool
  • Templates
  • Special offers on other products


Let's talk about your business. Don't' Worry It's FREE!


Hola! Welcome

Greetings from Ibiza. I'm delighted to have you here! My mission is to empower women entrepreneurs in the beauty and creative industries to seize control of their financial future.


As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for 37 years and who deeply believes in empowering women, one day I asked myself the question - what do we women really need to take control of our destiny? The answer? Financial freedom. We can not achieve and experience wonderful things if we are not in control of our finances.

So many of us were not fully aware of our numbers; our P&L, budgets, and our targets to get us to where we wanted to be - not only in business but in the home too! 

This scared the life out of me and I went on a mission to create the foundations, systems and structure, which not only allowed my team to become engaged as successful entrepreneurs but to drive my business forwards to support a sale which meant I could move to my dream location of Ibiza, Spain. I realized that I could teach this to other women too. 

I have now been a business coach and running successful coaching programs for 11 years now, and have helped women all over the world claim their independence and freedom. I now travel the world educating amazing women on how to not just survive but thrive in business.

Have you ever felt like you're living month to month? without a real plan beyond that? or without a real understanding of your monthly finances and how to optimize them? or are you worried about your lack of a plan for the future? or a true understanding of how to enjoy your hard work rather than worrying about earning enough money all the time!? 

Well, I was where you are and have completely transformed - not only my relationship with money - but my whole life! There is nothing more powerful than having the ability to control and manage your own money.

Gail Miller

"Donna was amazing today! She help me through one of toughest days of my life. I closed my salon after 30yrs, turned the keys in literally minutes before our meeting. (I thought it was going to happen tomorrow.) She calmly and expertly drew me into my next business adventure as a travel agent. She helps me with marketing and social media. Donna went above and beyond for me today and I greatly appreciate everything she did for me."

Brooke Bauer

"Donna is literally mind blowing. She can take a small idea and drive it into a profitable business in an hour call. I haven’t been this happy to meet someone in a long time. If you are looking for someone to motivate you, educate you or help you build a profitable business, I highly recommend getting in touch with Donna. Such an efficient way to spend time focusing on your business."

Nanci Arroyo

"Today was my first session with Donna! Shes very knowledgeable and honest, I felt super comfortable. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing experience! I cannot wait to explore all of Donna's amazing ideas and grow along the way!"

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Working with Donna is a game-changer ‚Äď think business partner vibes without the actual partnership. It's a win-win! Imagine the transformation in just 6 months! Don't miss out on this opportunity to make significant progress ‚Äď seize it now! Your success journey starts here.

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