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Salon Success Money Map Coaching Challenge

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What to Expect in the FREE Salon Success Money Map Challenge:


  1. GOAL SETTING AND GROWTH - Get clear on what you want and where you are headed.  Understand what is required to get there, and make a plan to achieve it and more.
  2. HAND HOLDING TO TACKLE BUDGET ORGANIZATION BASICS - Starting with a gathering technique, you will begin to understand your custom budget.  This is one of the first steps to successfully tracking your progress and staying on-budget, saving money, and achieving your goals. 
  3. PLANNING FOR SAVING SUCCESS - Learn where you can SAVE in your budget. You'll understand after going through the organization part where the places are that you can make shifts that will benefit you and help you save. People learn a ton when then start paying more attention to where their money goes! Its amazing because suddenly, you'll realize your goals are within reach.  If they aren't, you know that more changes are necessary to achieve your desired results. 

    ​PLUS much, much more! Tips and tricks galore, insights for salon owners on team management, live videos, constant inspiration, and encouragement!
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